Synopsis – What happens when the things you own begin to speak? And not just speak but speak about you!
My Stuff Speaks is a fun and immensely relatable narrative told by everyday objects that share hilarious and honest insights into Mrs. Google’s life. It will not only have you in splits with its wary sense of humor but will also make you ponder over the idiosyncrasies of life and the drama that surrounds them.

Author – Dr.Sania Siddiqui
Genre- Humor
Publisher- Notionpress
Page count- 148
Published in – 2018

My review

This is the author’s debut book embarked on a fantasy journey which makes her realize the unexplored facets of her personality through her belongings. One fine morning, Mrs.Google get a message from online e.Genie to fulfill her one wish and she decide to acquire a super power of hearing from her belongings through her dreams. From dreaming about her car to smartphone to clothes to mirrors, each has their own story to say about Mrs. Google. She gets to know how much grudges her stuff has towards her which is written in an interesting funny way and makes one enjoy reading it.

Although out of eight dreams, many I found are relatable to higher class people and above, but some of them are relatable to all. Like the chapter of handbag, phone and mirror –I could easily relate and am sure they had same grudges towards me too. Our ladies handbag has the whole universe inside it and this chapter will definitely give you a good dose of laughter. This dream journey of her stuffs make her realize their worth but will Mrs. Google becomes wiser, accept and change or buckle under the pressure of harsh realization?


The author has penned down each chapter names in a quirky way which is a smart act. I liked reading it; also the sketch work of each dream/Chapter makes the book more interesting. The puns hit at the right time and make sure you have a good laugh.

Overall a good book to read with good font size, perfect for those who are looking to tickle their funny bones. On a travel or for a weekend, pick up this book and get lost to the fantasy journey of your belongings. Also do let me know, which dream was your favorite and why.

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Price – Rs. 175



* I received this review copy from the author ( Dr.Sania is my ex-colleague and inspiration ) but the opinions expressed about the book is honest and unbiased.