Synopsis – Love In, Air In is a book about those who has ever wondered WHY about anything related to the human experience, relationships, and the roles we undertake throughout our lives–willingly and unwillingly. Love In, Air In seeks to uncover the possibilities which abound once an individual is incarnated into this earthly realm–and seeks to apply a mystically enchanting love story to the very essence of our relationships–familial, friendly, and romantic.

Author – D.M. Williams

Genre- Fantasy

Publisher- Austin Macauley Publishers

Page count- 91

Published in – 2017


My review

This is the author’s debut book embarked on a spiritual journey which awakened her soul to the realities of not only provoked intense soulful considerations within her, but enlightening revelations as well.

The story starts with Paul who believes he have died and is guided by his spirit ,Ulysses which takes him to his life journey and with each chapter, the revelations open up, the people in his life and the connections they had. I couldn’t relate to the story until mid of the book and had to re-read from start to understand, but that may not be the case with every reader.

I started enjoying reading from mid, when the story picked up an interesting turn, the characters became real to life and were bold enough to resist the expectations of others or what others thinks. Lisa- the women Paul loved, on which the book cover reflects, you really don’t discover her character until much later. Lisa who is already married falls in love with Paul and found her true love in him which she was always searching for. She listened to her heart in and out to achieve the true happiness of life by being sturdy. But with it, difficulties also arise especially when it is related with her closed relationship – her loving husband which every women desire for and her happy family.

Will Lisa follow her heart for the sake of true love? Do only love matters; loyalty and affection have no values?  Will the spirit guide show them right way?

Love in, Air in is relatable book for anyone who has ever contemplated…for even a moment. Makes the readers think if they really living their life to the utmost. So do read this book as it is only of 91 pages with good font size; so less time required. Also don’t forget to tell me what you think about this love story, do you concur with it or your take will differ?

Happy Reading!


* I appreciate Austin Macauley Publishers for sending my choice of book for an honest review.