Author – Rishabh Puri

Genre- Romance

Publisher- Harper Collinns and Black Ink

Page count- 190

Published in – 2017

Synopsis – ‘Flying without Wings’ by Rishabh Puri is a story about two people in search of true love and how far they are willing to go for the promise of their love. This is a story of hope and joy in times of difficulties and pain. It is about finding the right person in this wrong world and of love, faith, power and trust to stay strong in darkest times.

My Review –

‘Flying Without Wings’ is a story of two people, Milli –  an ordinary middle-class girl who works in airport to run her home and treat her drug addicted mother while still not able to cope with her brother loss. She is loveless and luckless, but a daydreamer and hope for a fairytale like stories to happen. Karan – an affluent businessman, who has his own secrets and in search for a true love who will love him and not his fortune.

Their love story starts with a dating app- Clikrr. Both swipe right to ease themselves from their worries and responsibilities by entering into a world of fantasy to escape from their problems.

From few chats to daily chats to phone conversations, love blossoms between them and they realize they found their dream partners which they were always waiting for. As finding love seems to be easy, accepting it with all its flaws is difficult. Finally day comes, when they both meet. This is the most romantic part. Each line has been crafted artistically which will melt your heart and make you fall in love with them. Milli comes to know about Karan deep secrets about his health and life. Will she be willing to stand by him for the sake of love? Will love empower their weakness?


I love the cover book and the title, goes perfectly together. The author has vividly expressed the story with flawless writings. Simple language and easy to read. The characters are well defined and one can relate. It’s not a typical showy romantic book but instead it’s realistic and makes it different from others. The only thing lacking is that the story doesn’t offer any twists and turns, a component of thrill or suspense, resulting in a bit disappointment.

Overall, ‘Flying without Wings’ is a good romantic fiction with an emotional tale of love and struggles, beautiful characters and gripping storyline.  Much recommended for romance fiction book lover out there !

                                              Happy Reading !