Author- Savi Sharma

Genre- Romance

Publisher- Savi Sharma

Page count- 189

Published in – 2016

Synopsis – Everyone has a Story, one of the bestseller, written and published by Savi Sharma.

This story is about 4 people-

Meera, a fledging writer in search of a story.

Vivaan, Assistant branch Manager at Citibank, who wants to travel.

Kabir, cafe manager who want to achieve his goals and love.

Nisha, dispirited customer of the cafe who locks her secrets.

What make them all four binded together? What’s the story behind each one of them?


My Review – This book was recommended by my fellow reader and being it a best seller, I opted for this.

The story is entirely about a girl Meera, who wants to be a writer and is in search of a story. Her search ends when she attends an author seminar in a Cafe where behind her is Vivaan, who dreams of travelling the world. After few pages, they meet up and he start narrating his story. During this time, 3rd character “Kabir’ comes who works in same Cafe, has a very painful story (predictable) which involves Nisha, the 4th character who too has a painful secrets. Meera, Kabir and Vivaan become good friends and helps Kabir open his own cafe “Kafe Kabir “.  All goes smoothly then one fine day Vivaan disappears without informing anyone. This left Meera depressed and leave her story incomplete. On other end, Vivaan fulfill his dream of travelling but miss Meera and so come back to reconcile. He meet up Meera, Kabir and Nisha at Kabir cafe. He explain Meera about his sudden disappearance and helps her completing her story by unlocking his painful past (it’s unrealistic) leaving her shock. What happened next ? How does the story ends ? What situations occurs ?  I will leave upto you to read & decide.

The story had no new surprises and felt that it was inspired by Bollywood movie “Yeh Jawani Hai deewani ! The dialogues “If two points are destined to touch, the universe will always find a way to make the connection- even when all hope seems to be lost ” Doesn’t it remind you of famous Hindi dialogue from Shahrukh Khan movie ?.

The characters were so unreal that I couldn’t relate to any of them and the story was much predictable. Only connection I found was that the story is based in Pune (my hometown).

Hope you find this review useful. Do share your feedback!!!