Author – Sidney Sheldon

Genre- Thriller

Publisher – William Morrow

Page count: 363

Synopsis– We very well know how famous author” Sidney Sheldon ” is but I had never read his book before until now I got my hands on his best seller book “Tell Me Your Dreams “.Tell me your dreams is a 1998 psychological thriller which revolves around three beautiful young women who works in same firm and are suspected of committing a series of brutal murders making one of the most bizarre murder trials of the century.

Will they be convicted or not guilty? How are all the murders linked to these three women? What exactly they did & why? Are they the real murderers?


My Review – This book proved why Sidney Sheldon is a master of authors. Perfect combination of thrill, mystery, suspense, sex & drama which keeps one engrossed from the start.

The story starts with’ Ashley Patterson’ who is a computer whiz and is convinced that someone is stalking her. She is shy, lonely & share not so good relationship with her famous heart surgeon father. Her co-workers 1) Toni Prescot is a strong, brave lady who spends her times on internet dating and 2) Alette Peters is an aspiring artist who is quiet & spend her weekends in church.

Their life goes on like this until there is a search going for serial killer who brutally murders men across countries & this women got linked to the investigations. Then the interesting trials which was based on real cases, begins which makes the story more engrossed. The climax makes you horrified yet realistic.

The book with each page keeps you more intrigued to know what next. Although in present time we can easily connect to the theme as it has been used in many shows, movies but back then, when the book was published 1998, this book must have stunned the readers. I felt as if I was watching a thriller movie, it was so well narrated that I could feel the characters. The book is easy to understand with good font size.

Overall a must-read novel, you cannot miss this it’s so interesting & well narrated. There is lot more in this book which I have not shared because that will spoil the reading time. Apart, you come to learn many things.

I am happy that the first book I read from the author was this one & now keen to read more from his collections.

I enjoyed reading this psychological thriller & recommend this book to all book lovers. Am sure many of you must have already read this.
Happy Reading !


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