Dear All,

Today I will share my review about Jovees Strawberry Face wash. I am a regular user of this product and always carry while travelling.

Packaging–  I received the Jovees Festival pack which consists of four products including face wash.  It was good and tightly packed. A travel friendly- as its 35ml face wash with tube intact and in a cute pink colour.


Ingredients– Strawberry extract, jojoba extract, Vitamin E , Olivem

Method of use– Squeeze out a small amount on your palm. Massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse well and pat dry.

Use it twice daily for a better skin.

What Jovees claims   My experience
For normal to dry skin- Mine is oily and suited my skin type too.
Helps to remove dead cells from the skin surface- Yes it does
Restore moisture balance- Yes, skin does not feel dry after use
Helps to make skin fairer – No it does not

My Experience-

My skin is oily, and it suited very well. It removes dirt, dead cells without making skin dry. The strawberry aroma is strong, and I loved it. The tiny beads in it helps in exfoliating and clean the face. After being out for travel and getting exposed to dirt, pollution and sweat, this face wash worked well to give freshness and breathe to skin.  It also helps in removing makeup easily which other face wash does not. A small quantity is required to lather. After using it, my face was soft and smooth and need not felt to use moisturizer. But if you have dry skin than it may vary. As far as claiming of making skin glow or fairer, I did not find any change.

Overall, I liked this product and recommend especially during travels.


Good things

-Travel friendly pack


-Normal to dry but suited my oily skin too


-Easily available

Not so good

Making skin fairer

Will I opt for it- Yes definitely.


Hope you find this review useful. Do share your feedback.